Software services

In addition to developing applications, Points Align can help you ensure that your IT investment is working to realise your vision.

Our unique blend of mentoring, consultancy and IT-focused services makes us the provider of choice in sectors as diverse as healthcare, retail and engineering.

We can advise on your approach and the methods used and work with your team to ensure that your business IT is as effective as possible.

Our approach is supportive and flexible and we have experience of working with boards, technical teams and end users of all levels.

...your trusted CTO


  • What to buy, what to build, how, who and when
  • Developing an IT strategy can be a difficult task (and yes you do probably need a bit of strategy) especially as things change so fast
  • Doing enough to give direction but not too much to constrain is key

Project control and management

  • It feels great when you are in control (really in control) of a project
  • There will usually be twists and turns; that's the nature of software, but 80% of the time or more you should be in charge
  • Agile/Waterfall can be very effective (but not together!)

Development teams

  • Raise the game - take your team to the next league
  • Good software teams are critical to the success of any project
  • We help put teams together and to coach existing teams

Project validation

  • Board level and technical team interpreter, cost, time and effort estimates, risk reduction
  • Do you need an independent review of a software project?
  • Larger and more complex projects run with a higher risk - we can help you to validate and mitigate that risk
  • We can help you review costs and resources, are they accurate and realistic?


  • Working to accredited standards can be very useful
  • ISO9001 = consistency - do you need it?
  • ISO27001 = information security - do you need it?
  • Call for a chat about both or either if you think you might need some standards!


Get back on track, sort out finances, resources, people, technology:

  • Project over-running?
  • Seemingly insurmountable technical issues?
  • Financial issues?
  • Supplier or team issues?

We can help you with all these ...

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